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Extra tasks

Choose the correct preposition

  1. There was a garden near the woman’s house.
  2. a) behind
  3. b) in front of
  4. c) near
  5. Snow White loved to stay at home with her mother.
  6. a) with
  7. b) by
  8. c) in front of
  9. The girls often walked in the woods.
  10. a) in
  11. b) near
  12. c) behind
  13. The deer liked to sit beside them.
  14. a) beside
  15. b) with
  16. c) behind
  17. The girls walked hand in hand.
  18. a) with
  19. b) in
  20. c) for
  21. All the animals were very friendly to them.
  22. a) with
  23. b) to
  24. c) for

Match the opposite adjectives.

Best-worst                                           White-black

Quite-noisy                                          Rich-poor

Happy-sad                                        More-less

Poor-rich                                          Sad-happy

Less-more                                         Noisy-quite

Black-white                                        Worst-best


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