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English Classwork 02.12.2016

  1. Read the conversation between Mary and Sam. Then circle the correct item.

Mary: What’s for dinner tonight?

Sam: How about 1) any/some lasagna?

Mary: OK, have you got the recipe?

Sam: Yes, I have. Let’s see what we need. First of all, we need 2) some/any onions and 3) much/some tomatoes for the sauce.

Mary: OK. We’ve got enough tomatoes and onions. What else we need?

Sam: We need 4) some/many oil to cook the vegetables and we also need 5) some/any meet. Is there any in the fridge?

Mary: Yes, don’t worry. We’ve got 6) a lot of/many meat.

Sam: What about cheese? Have we got 7) any/many?

Mary: Yes. We’ve got enough.

Sam: 8) How much/How many packets of pasta have we got in the cupboard?

Mary: I can see two in the cupboard.

Sam: Perfect. Let’s start cooking.


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