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Progress check 2


Progress Check 2 (Units 4-6)

  1. Write a, an, the or -.

Hi Bill.

Thanks for your 1) – email. Your new 2) – bedroom sounds great. Well, I have got 3) a big bedroom too but I share it with 4) – Diego, my brother. Let me tell you about it. 5) The walls in my room are light blue and 6) the carpet is grey. 9) The TV is big because we love watching films. I’ve also got 10) an amazing collection of DVDs.

Well, that’s all for now. Write back and tell me about your hobbies.


  1. Fill in the gaps with a, an or the.

1 A: The fridge is empty!

B: Don’t worry. I can go the supermarket today.

2 A: We need an onion and a tomato for the recipe.

B: OK!

3 A: Have you got a pet?

B: Yes, I have. I’ve got a beautiful cat.

  1. A: The man standing in the corner over there is Kate’s father.

B: Yes, I know. His an Art teacher.

  1. Fill in gaps with a lot of, much or many.

1 There are a lot of apples in the bowl.

2 I haven’t got a lot of money.

3 Farima has got many friends.

4 There aren’t a lot of bananas in the bowl.

5 There is a lot of milk in the bottle.

  1. Are there a lot of pears on the tree.
  2. There are a lot of people in the bus.
  3. Is there a lot of sugar in the jar?
  4. Are there many children in the classroom?
  5. We are late. We haven’t got a lot of time. Hurry up.
  6. Look at the picture. Then write the questions and answers.

1 (tomatoes)

How many tomatoes are there?

There aren’t many tomatoes.

2 (cola)

Is there any cola on the table?

There isn’t much cola in on the table.

3 (strawberries)

Are there any strawberries on the table?

There are a bowl full of strawberries on the table.

4 (apples)

Are there any apples on the table?

There are two apples on the table.

5 (milk)

How many bottles of milk is there on the table?

There are two bottles of milk on the table.

6 (bread)

Is there any bread on the table?

There is only one piece of bread on the table.

7 (butter)

Is there any butter on the table?

There is a whole package of butter on the table.

8 (cheese)

Is there any slices of cheese on the table?

There is only one slice of cheese on the table.

  1. Fill in the gaps with some, any or no.

Mitsuko: I’m going to the supermarket to by 1) some things. There’s 2) some milk in the fridge and we haven’t got 3) any coffee. Do you need anything?

Julie: Can you get 4) some biscuits, please?

Mitsuko: Yes, of course. Anything else?

Julie: Oh, and 5) some flour because I want to bake 6) some cakes this afternoon and there isn’t enough.

Mitsuko: Aren’t there 7) any cakes in the fridge?

Julie: No. There are 8) no cakes in the fridge?

  1. Fill in the gaps with something (2x), anything, somewhere, nowhere or someone.

1 A: Let’s get something to eat.

B: Good idea!

2 A: Where do you want to go on holiday?

B: I want to go somewhere warm and sunny.

3 A: What’s that noise?

B: I don’t hear anything.

4 A: That man over there looks like someone I know.

B: Are you sure?

5 A: Let’s go shopping!

B: Oh, I can’t right now because I’m doing something else.

6 A: This cofe is so crowded.

B: I know. There’s nowhere to sit.

  1. Underline the correct item.

New Message

Hi Caroline,

How are you? I am emailing you about our shopping plans for today. The fridge is almost empty, so we need to buy 1) some / a lot of things for the party. We need 2) lots of / much bottles of cola and 3) much / some bottles of lemonade. We also have to get 4) no / a lot of pizzas and 5) some / much burgers. We haven’t got 6) some / any bread, so can you get 7) much / some on your way home? I want to make sandwiches but there is 8) any / no cheese, so we have to buy 9) some / any. We also need 10) lots of / any plastic plates and cups because we haven’t got 11) any / no. Oh! I almost forgot. We need to buy 12) any / some decorations.

Email me when you can.


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