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Answer the questions/01.02.2017

What did the lady see at the beginning of the story?
She saw a mouse running.
Where did she see it?
She saw it in the kitchen.
Why did she run out of the house?
She wanted to buy a mouse trap.
Where did she go?
She went to the shops.
What did she do when she got there?
She bought a mouse trap.
How did she go there?
She took a bus.
Who spoke to her there?
The shopkeeper talked to her.
What did he say to her?
He said to put a piece of cheese on the trap.
What did the lady do then?
She went back to her house.
She looked in the cupboard.
What was she looking for?
She was looking for a piece of cheese.
Did she find it.
No, she didn’t.
Why didn’t she go back to the shop?
She didn’t go to the shops, because it was late.
What did she do then?
She cut a piece of a cheese from the magazines.
What did she do then?
She put the piece of a paper cheese in the trap.
What happened in the next morning?
She saw a paper mouse in the trap beside the cheese.


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