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Homework 11.02.2017

  1. Complete the sentences.

Long Form

1 He is feeding the dog.

2 They are reading.

3 It is flying.

We are not cleaning the floor.

5 I am not crying.

Short Form

He’s feeding the dog:

They’re reading.

Weren’t cleaning he floor.

I’m not crying:

  1. Write the questions and answers.
  2. (laugh?)

Is she laughing?

No she isn’t.

She is crying.

  1. (eat?)

Is the dog eating?

Yes it is.

It’s eating.

  1. (cook?)

Is he cooking?

No he isn’t.

He’s reading a newspaper.

  1. (ski?)

Are they skiing?

No, they aren’t.

They are swimming.

  1. (dance?)

Are they dancing?

Yes they are.

They are dancing.

  1. (fly?)

Is the bird flying?

Yes it is.

It’s flying.


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