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Homework 14.02.2017


10 Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

Explain why.

  1. He often goes (go) to the cinema.
  2. They are not watching (not/watch) TV at the moment.
  3. John is outside. He is washing (wash) the car.
  4. Dad is lying (lie) on the sofa now.
  5. Claire doesn’t like (not/like) pizza.
  6. Do you sleep (you/sleep) early on weekdays?

11 Underline the correct time expression.

  1. I go to school every morning / at the moment.
  2. My parents never / now go to work on Sundays.
  3. I go skiing today / every winter.
  4. I at present / always do my homework. I’m a very good student.
  5. I am having an English lesson now / every day.
  6. My parents are working on Saturdays / at the moment.
  7. I watch TV tonight / in the evenings.
  8. I usually / at present go out with my friends on Sundays.

12 Put the verbs in brackets into present simple or present continuous.

Dear Katy,

Here I 1) am (be) in Mykonos, Greece. The weather 2) is (be) fantastic. We 3) are having (have) a wonderful time.

At the moment, I 4) am lying (lie) by the swimming pool with my brother, James. I 5) am sunbathing (sunbathe) and James 6) is drinking a (drink) lemonade. We 7) are sunbathing (sunbathe) 8) are swimming (swim) every day. At night we usually 9) are eating (eat) at a restaurant and then we 10) are dancing (dance) at one of the fantastic discos in the island. I 11) am loving (love) it here and I 12) don’t want (not/want) to leave!


Miss S. Jones, 38 Dean Park, Peebles Border Region

EH45 8dd Scotland

  1. K.




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