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Homework 20.02.2017


  1. Fill in gaps with the correct preposition.

Katie is 1) on holiday in the north of Scotland when she gets a text message from her friend, Victoria. “Please, return to your hotel and wait 2) for the lobby for my next message. Your life is 3) in danger.” Katie is very scared, so she decided to return to the hotel 4) taxi instead of going 5) by foot. She is 6) in the hotel hobby sitting 7) on a chair she gets Victoria’s next message. “Go to your room immediately!” Katie walks up the stairs to her room. When she opens the door, she sees that Victoria is sitting 8) on an armchair laughing. “Surprise! I just arrived 9) with a train,” she says “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Look at the picture and complete the email with beside, in, on, behind, next to, above.

Hi Kim!

How are you? Here’s a picture from my sister’s birthday party, as I promised. This is our living room. There is a long table 1) beside the wall with lots of food and drinks 2) on it. 3) Above it, there is a sign which says “Happy Birthday!”  The two boys standing 4) behind the table with glasses 5) in their hands are my sister’s friends. The girls who are dancing 6) in the middle of the room are our cousins, Jessie and Betty. My sister is wearing her new skirt and a party hat 7) on her head. Can you see her? My dad is also in the picture. He is sanding right 8) beside my sister and he is holding a present 9) on his hands. What about you? What do you do on your birthday?

Write soon!



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