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Homework 28.02.2017

  1. Fill in the gaps with at, on or in.


  1. We usually go on holidays in July.
  2. It’s cold in winter.
  3. I always have a nap in the afternoon.
  4. My birthday is on October 2nd.
  5. She usually sleeps late at night.
  6. Youssef’s party in at 4 o’clock on Friday.
  7. It’s hot in summer.
  8. He never wakes up late in the morning.
  9. I have computer class at noon.
  10. We usually don’t go out on Mondays.
  11. It’s windy in autumn.
  12. Her birthday is on August 2nd.
  13. Write at, on, or, in.

Peter likes pending time with his family 1) at the weekend.

2) On Saturday mornings, Peter and his sister go far a walk with their dog. 3) At the afternoon, the family usually go to the cinema. Then 4) at about 8 o’clock they go to a restaurant for dinner.

5) On Sundays, they get up late. They something go for a drive in the countryside or visit their  grandparents. 6) In the evenings, they all watch  TV and then they go to bed.

Weekend are really special for Peter and his family.


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