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Homework 14.02.2017

13. Read the conversation between Ling and Amy. Then  put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the part simple.

Ling: Hi Amy. 1) Were you at home last weekend?

Amy: No, I wasn’t . My family and I went to the beach at weekends.

Ling: You’re lucky. Did you have a nice time?

Amy: Oh, yes! We had a great time!

Ling: Where did you stay?

Amy: We stayed at my grandparents house.

Ling: Oh. Do they live near the beach?

Amy: Yes, they do. Their house is right by the beach.

Ling: WOW! That’s cool. And what did you do there?

Amy: We walked along the beach and swam in the sea.

Ling: That sounds like a lot of fun.


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