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Hometask 09.03.2017

5. She hasn’t washed the dishes yet.

She already has drunk some coffee.

She hasn’t watered the plats yet.

She hasn’t done the shopping yet.

6. since 2002

since yesterday

for six days

for am month

for two weeks

since last month

for two years

for a hole day

for three hours

since Monday

for my birthday

since last weekend

7. Have you seen the Partheon yet?

Yes, I have already seen it. It’s amazing.

Has Damien ever gone skiing?

Is Akim at home, yet please?

No, I’m afraid he’s just gone out.

I’m afraid I have never visited the Melbourne Museum and I’ve been in Melbourne for a whole week.

Really? I already have. It’s fantastic!

How long have you and Ben been friends?

We’ve been friends for twelve years.

I have just cooked dinner.

That’s good because I haven’t eaten ever and I’m really hungry.



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