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Classwork 22.05.2017

13. Choose the correct item.

1 I couldn’t play the guitar when I was five.

2 You mustn’t shout in the library.

3 Would you carry this bag for me, please?

4 You don’t have to wash the dishes. I’ll do it.

5 Shall I go to the supermarket for you.

6 We must remember to buy some milk.

7 Will you help me, please?

8 You can’t stay up late. You have school tomorrow.

14 Circle the correct item.

1 Shall I help you cook dinner?

2 We don’t have to buy bread. We’ve already got some.

3 You mustn’t talk in the classroom.

4 Paul could ride a bike when he was six.

5 I can’t go out tonight. I have to do my homework.

6 Will you help me fix my bike, please?

7 You can go to the party but don’t come home late.

8 Would you like a cup of tea?

15 Read the conversation and choose the answer. Write a letter (A-F) for each answer. There are two extra answers you do not need to use.

Simone: Where you at Ben’s party last night?

Carlisle: No, I couldn’t go to the party. I had to stay at home and do my homework.

Simone: Oh dear. Was it difficult?

Carlisle: Yes, it was. I still haven’t finished it. I must finish today or my teacher will be angry. I’m going to the library now. I hope I can find some useful books there.

Simone: You don’t have to go to the library. we can look on the internet.

Carlisle: No, we can’t use my computer. It doesn’t work.

Simone: Well, would you like to come to my house and use my computer?

Carlisle: Yes, please! Thanks, Simone!



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