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2 Present perfect simple with for and since.

a For each sentences below, two endings are possible and one is not. Cross the ending that is not possible.

1 My life has changed since…

I went to Spain

I met her.

2 I haven’t seen him for…

Two weeks.

a log time

3 I’ve had this photo for…

the last six weeks.


4 We haven’t spoken since…

Frankie’s party.

last Friday.

5 We’ve lived here for…

over fiftheen years.

most of my life.

6 I’ve loved sport since…

the first time I played football.

I was a child.

b Whrite questions with How long…?

How long have you known youre best friend?

For how long have you liked youre favourite band?

For how long have you been living in youre house?