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1 Grammar

a Complete the sentences with will or won’t.

1 My train is running late, so I won’t be home before seven o’clock.

2 Julie isn’t feeling well, I don’t think she will go to school.

3 He’s a really good doctor. I’m sure he will became famous one day.

4 We can go to the beach tomorrow. I’m sure it won’t rain.

5 What do you think? Will you go to university?

6 James is in London, so he won’t be at the party tonight.

7 It’s quite hot today. I think I will go to swimming this afternoon.

8 Tom’s always so nice. He won’t get angry when he finds out.

9 A: Will you come to the match tomorrow?

B: Sorry, but I don’t think I won’t have time. I will come to the one next week.

10 A: Pat won’t be happy when she sees that you have broken her computer.

B: I know. I will tell her what happened as soon as she comes home.

b Circle the correct words.

1 My parents are angry/angrily because I didn’t do the washing up.

2 Our team lost yesterday. Everyone played bad/badly.

3 Last week’s test was easy/easily.

4 My sister sings good/well.

5 Hurry up, Jill! Why are you walking so slow/slowly?

6 Last night I heard a loud/loudly noise outside my room.

7 It was a slow/slowly journey and we arrived very late/lately.

8 The players were all too slow/slowly, that’s why we lost the match.

9 His mum works so hard/hardly – she’s hard/hardy at home.

2 Vocabulary

a Circle the correct words.

1 I’ll probably/sure get a job.

2 Joanne doubts/hopes to become a famous singer.

Maybe/Don’t think she’ll have children.

4 Nick thinks/probably they’ll get married soon.

5 I’m doubt/sure he’ll learn to drive.

We’ll doubt/probably watch TV tonight.

7 I doubt/sure he’ll come with us.

b Use the words to complete the sentences.

lightning foggy shower thunder wind hot rain sun

1 There was such a strong wind that some trees fell down.

2 The castle on the hill burnt down because it was struck by lightning.

3 There was heavy rain for three days – the streets looked like rivers.

4 It didn’t really rain very hard – it was only a shower.

5 We didn’t sit on the beach after 11 am. There was too much sun and it was too hot.

I’ve just heard some thunder from far away. I think there’ll be a storm soon.

I couldn’t see anything from my window this morning – it was really foggy outside!

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The Fantasy That Came Into Truth

Once upon a time when the weather was cold and the period was called Christmas, two poor families who were living side by side in the streets helping each other with food, money that they somehow got. The elders of those two families were not eating much and giving it to their beloved children. Although the families helped each other but one of the families lost their hope and they were saying so to their kids, that one they soon enough they will die from hunger and cold. The children started crying, because they did not believe what their parent trying to consume them. The other family always advising to never lose hope and maybe one day that the fantasy and the dream will come true. They lived like one family.

One day a good looking man who was also rich was walking trough that street. When he reached to the families he wanted to speak with them and know there story. After he knew about the horrible thing that the families went trough said “I wished I could help you, but I’m sure your wish will come true. People say that Christmas is when the magic happens.” The man turned around and with the corner of his eye he saw that the kids were holding pillows and he wanted to ask one more question. “Are those pillows yours?” The children at once answered “This pillows are the only things left from our burned houses, so we don’t want them to be gone and we are holding them tight so we don’t lose them, even and night we put our heads on them and sleep, so no intruder can take them away.” The man smiled and whispered “It will”.  Turned around and left.

Finally the day of the Old Year to pass and the New Year come every one was happy even the kids of those two families, but the parents from one of the families where preying for a miracle and a fantasy to become reality, but the other parents where acting that they where happy, but from the inside they where hopeless. The night finally came and the two families went to sleep and as the kids said they were sleeping on their pillows.

And suddenly from between two buildings a man appeared and he was wearing a hat so it was hard to realize the identity of the person. The man slowly and carefully walked to the two families and took keys and a note out of his pocket. Slowly the man put the keys and the note under on of the kids pillows and left.

The next morning the families woke up and the kid immediately realized strange objects under the pillow. She took the note and the keys, started to read the note “You may not remember me, but we met once and that once was enough to make me help you. Those are keys for a house and the address is written below. This is my Christmas gift to you.” And an address was given bellow. The kid showed it to her parents. After her parents read the note, the young girl whispered something to her older brother and they both at once said “We lived together and helped each other for ten years and this time we will help you and we will still live together like one family in our new house. The hopeless family teared up and tried to say “But”. And the other family said “Shhh. I’ts okay, don’t worry about. The day will come and you will help us.” The two families started walking to their new house and they finally arrived. They opened the door and saw a supply of ten years: clothing, food, water and heating source and of course technology that will help them: fridge, TV, oven and so on. The two families that where now “a family” started tearing up, and the hopeless but happy parents whispered “so this is the power of hope”.

And so the fantasy and the dream became true.

Moral: It does not matter how the person looks from the outside, it’s important how the person looks from the inside. Hope will always be by your side, you just need to believe and feel it’s presents and when you do every thing is possible.

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I am waiting for Christmas…

I think that all of us are waiting for Christmas with excitement: a lot of presents, puddings, carols and dressing the house and the Christmas Three with seasonal decorations. But me` I’m waiting for Christmas for unbelievable excitement, because usually at the time of Christmas I travel to Iran and to meet my relatives, such as grandmother, granddad, aunt, uncles and my dear cuisines. But my Mom and Dad stay at Armenia and celebrate Christmas here. Two of my best friends are born the same day that the old year passes. I personally think there lucky, because they get two presents from a person that day: one for their Birthday and one for Christmas. But in Armenia Christmas is fun as well, because I get to hang out with my friends, but you know it’s not that you always see and hang around with your relatives who live in other countries, but your friends, you see and hang around the whole year. At Christmas here in Armenia is hard, because every one is trying to get to buy Christmas sale products and pork meat, because it’s traditional to put fried pork on the Christmas table. And at Christmas Armenians drink wine, that’s also traditional. OK, that’s enough of traditional stuff now excitement. I am mostly excited for Christmas, that I’m going to travel and celebrate Christmas with my relatives. It’s not just me that travel at the time of Christmas, there are thousands of people that travel over the world at the time of Christmas. This is why I’m waiting for Christmas with excitement.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Ex. 3a

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

sun thunder lighting hot shower wind

1 It was a very cold day and the wind was really cold too.

2 Lightning hit that tree six years ago.

3 Don’t sit out in the sun for to long: you’ll burn.

4 Gosh! What was that noise! I think it was thunder.

5 It’s much too hot to go for a walk at the moment.

6 It didn’t rain heavily-it was just a shower really.

Ex. 3b

Listen and complete the weather forecast.

And now for today’s forecast. In the London area, the weather will be warm with temperatures of around 18C. Although the sun will shine for a while, we can expect some strong rain this afternoon. An that will make it feel quite cool.

Further north in the Birmingham area, things won’t be to good, I’m afraid. After last night’s thunderstorm, Birmingham is going to be very windy with an expected high of about 14C. But no more wind and rain today, at least. And finally, in Scotland, it will be sunny for part of the morning then windy later on. But not snowing like it was yesterday, fortunately, so the roads should be safer once the fog clears.

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Homework 07.12.2017

9 Vocabulary

*Expressions to talk about fortune telling

Ex. a Circle the correct definition for each of these words from the text.

1 fortune telling

a reading science fiction books and watching science fiction films

b saying what will happen in the future

2 century

a a thousand years

b a hundred years

3 influence

a the information your friends give you

b the power to have an effect on people or things

4 to predict

a to ask someone what will happen

b to say what you think will happen

5 palm

a the inner part of one’s hand

b the outer part of one’s hand

6 nonsense

a something that is unusual

b something that does not have a meaning

7 leaves

a the green part of a three or plant

b bags of tea

8 reliable

a if someone is reliable you can trust them

b if someone is reliable you can’t trust them

Ex. b Use words in Exercise 9a to complete these sentences. Remember you may need to change the form of the words.

1 I think all these ways of fortune telling are just nonsense.

2 If you study a lot, it will have a big influence on your exam results.

3 I guess life was different a few centuries ago.

4 My new MP3 player is really small – I can put it in the palm of my hand.

5 I don’t think that the leaves in my teacup can predict.

6 Aaron says he’ll do something but he never does it! He’s not reliable.

10 Write

Ex. a Read this students predictions about life in the future. Complete the text with words from the box.

will be be like won’t be will happen They’ll do will learn we’ll recycle will find

What will life be like one hundred years later from now? I don’t know, of course. But this is what I think will happen.

First, I think that computers will be much important in our lives. There won’t be any televisions or DVD players or things like that. I think all those things will be part of a computer. And everything in our house will be controlled by computers. I believe scientists will find a way to make computers talk and think, just like people. That’s scary!

Also there won’t be any more pollution. Governments will find ways to stop pollution and we’ll recycle everything.

Finally, I think that there won’t be any schools. Some people say teachers will be robots in the future but I don’t think that’s true. I think kids will learn at home, using their computers. They’ll do everything online. (Great, because when they’re bored, they can have a bit of fun and play a few online games!).

That’s what I think about life in future, I think it’ll be very different, but very exciting!

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Classwork 06.12.2017

2c Complete the dialogue with ‘llwill or won’t and a verb from the box

stay go find give be get help

Clara: Oh, Pete it’s the maths test tomorrow! I hate maths. I’m sure I won’t get the answers right.

Pete: Don’t worry you’ll be fine! You got a good result in your last test.

Clara: Yes, but this is more difficult. I rally don’t feel well. Maybe I won’t go to school tomorrow. I’ll stay in bed.

Pete: That will help you. The teacher will give you the test on Wednesday.

Clara: You’re right. But what can I do?

Pete: Look, why don’t I come round to your place this afternoon after school? We can look at the Maths together. You’ll find it’s not so difficult.

Clara: Oh, thanks, Pete.

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Predictions about the world that the future will offer

I think that hundred and fifty years later there would be a partnership in human kind and aliens. They would help each other to survive in the amazing world that the future will offer. They would trade technology, food, education and culture. There world be schools opening in our mother land that would teach children the language of the aliens and of course schools that will teach aliens different kinds of human languages.

I think that hundred and fifty years later there would be habitats in different places in our mother land and outside it. What I’m saying is that, there would be houses under the water, under the ground, on the sky and on different planets. I also think that every single habitat would have it’s special harvest and investment is the future world. Like people who live under the sea or water would have an endless supply of fish and water, people who live under the ground would have and endless supply of materials and which are usually found under ground, people who live in the sky would have an endless supply of birds, people who live in different planets would have and endless supply of foreign materials, animals and objects.

I think that hundred and fifty years later the technology with be so developed that there would be machines which would understand what the animals say and how they feel. There would be electronic cars, planes, factories, trains that would not leave smoke after some effort and the oxygen would be clean and not harmful. There would be mobile phones that would easily turn into TV or notebooks. There would be computers that would easily turn into small and light weighted  boxes, which would be easy to take or put in your bag. There would be fast traveling devices that could get you anywhere you want much faster than a car, a plane or a train. There would be windows that can get bigger and smaller than their usual size and can show a picture that you want it to show.

This is how I see things hundred and fifty years later.

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Progress Check (Unit 8)

1 Grammar


1 Today is the longest day of the year.

2 For me, Geography is more difficult than Maths. It’s difficult for me to remember facts about countries.

3 History is the easiest subject at school.

4 I feel dreadful! This is the worst day of my life.

5 I don’t argue with Joe, because he’s bigger than me.

6 Sally is better than me at Art.

7 I think my results will be worse this year than last year.

8 If you want to be fit, a healthy diet and lots of exercise are the most important.




1 At 10.00 she’s having a driving lesson.

2 At 3.00 she is going to meet Gerard in the cafe.

3 At 6.00 she and Sue are going to the cinema.


4 At 12.30 she and Wendy are going to have lunch

5 At 5.00 she’s going to do her homework.

6 At 7.30 her cousins are arriving from Canada.

2 Vocabulary


1 When I speak English, I sometimes make mistakes in grammar, but I can still communicate with English speakers.

2 Excuse me, what does this word mean?

3 I want my pronunciation to be better, so I listen to cassettes and imitate the speakers.

4 For homework, our teacher sometimes gives us texts in English and we have to translate them into our language.

5 My father speaks good English, but he has a very strong accent.

6 When I don’t know a word, I try to guess the meaning. If I can’t do that, I look up the word in my dictionary.


in/on water


wind surfing




not in/on water



horse riding



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Homework 23.11.2017

Ex. 6/c

Fill in each space with the verb from the box.

hire travel stay buy spend

1 buy souvenirs/presents/postcards/stamps

2 stay in a hotel/in the bed and breakfast/at a campsite/in a youth/at home

3 travel to Ireland/by ferry/by car/by plane/ by train/by couch

4 spend your holidays (in South Africa)/some time (on the beach)/two weeks (in Greece)

5 hire a car/a boat/a bike/a surfboard

Ex. 7/a

Make a list of all the different kind of holidays and holiday places in this unit.

Kinds of holidays





Holiday places


Red Sea



Cape Town

Ex. 7/b

Imagine your family is planning a holiday. Look at your list  and choose a place to visit.

I would like to pay a visit to the Red Sea, because a like murine animals and the wonder land that is hidden under the water.

Ex. 7/c

Make notes about your holiday plans:

Where are you going?

I’m going to Greece.

How long are you staying and where are you staying?

I would like to stay there for three weeks and at the best hotel in Athens.

What are you planning to do there?

I’m planning to pay a visit to ancient Greek buildings and museums and learn more about Greek mythology.

How are you getting there?

I’m going to get their by plane directly to Greece.


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Homework 21.11.2017

2/b Complete the sentences

Use the present continuous form of the verb.

1 I’m visiting my grandparents in Rome next year.

2 Come to our place next Saturday. We’re having a party.

3 mum’s taking my sister to London on Thursday. They’re leaving early in the morning.

4 A: Are you going out tonight?

B: No, I’m staying home.

5 My brother’s not coming on holiday with us this year. He’s working in a shop for six weeks.

I’ve got toothache, so I’m seeing the dentist tomorrow.