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Extinction of elephants

In the wildlife of our planet there are many animals that are in danger because of hunting. One of these poor and almost extinct animals are the elephants, which are known to be the largest land animals on earth, more referred as the African elephant species. African elephants are inhabited in thirty-seven different African countries. About a hundred years ago the elephant population reached over a few millions but nowadays that number has been decreased to four hundred thousand. This amazing creatures are hunted down and killed because of their tusks to make expensive jewelry and medicine. Even though many countries have banned the hunting of these mammals, there are still poachers who illegally shoot them down. Many famous companies and organizations from around the world have tried to do something about this problem but failed miserably. The human race is witnessing the extinction of elephants so there needs to be a solution found to this problem.

There are a few problems connected with elephants and why humans hunt and kill them. One of the major problems is that the elephants are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet, which means human and elephant interaction can bring to deaths of both humans and elephants, which can cause people to be scared of them and kill them for their own safety. Another problem is that these precious creatures are hunted down and killed just to cut off their tusks and make Ivory Jewelry. In 2017 Zimbabwe legalized the auction of elephant skin. In June 2019, Namibian government was selling elephants and the price of the species had been dropped about a $1.1 million and the list goes  on. But now in many African countries the hunting of elephants has been banned. Even though it has been illegalized this mayhem still continues because there are poachers who are illegally hunting and killing them.

These problems are major, but there are ways to counter them. One of these solutions is that in Africa people need to build colonies specialized for elephants to protect them from other animals and poachers. These colonies must be friendly to elephants and create a calming environment for them. The workers of these colonies must be experts specialized in dealing with elephants. These colonies must have tight security so no one would try to kill the elephants and visitations for outsiders and tourists should be expensive, so that money is raised to provide quality of life to elephants. Another solution is to completely ban the hunting of these animals and try to create a fundraiser, which will dedicate all the money to take care of elephants. This way the elephants will live their peaceful life without being harmed by illegal hunting. The final solution is to bring in new regulations and laws in those countries, which brings to a certain state of ban of hunting. A state where hunting is still allowed but poachers have to pay to the certain country’s government for hunting elephants. In case of protecting elephants from being killed there should be some laws in those countries to pay double or triple of that money, if elephants are being killed illegally or are used for illegal auctioning and all of this money will be dedicated to these elephants to save them from extinction.

After going through these facts, it is safe to say that these species are already in deep danger and it will take time to bring the solution into reality. I came to a conclusion, that from those three solutions  one is the best. In my opinion it should be the law enforcement and regulation to stop hunting and killing elephants illegally.Those countries I believe need those money from poachers who pay for legal hunting would  make a regulation and force them to come in legally spaced. African countries will get money to spend on taking care of elephants and increasing their population, the creatures will feel themselves free and far away from danger and if someone tried to hunt and kill an elephant illegally will be fined and all the money will be dedicated to the care of elephants. These actions will take time but they will surely give a positive result in the end and the African elephant species will be saved from extinction. We just need dedication, good workers and a little bit of luck to boost the work.

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Criticizing school curriculum


In this report we will criticize the curriculum of Armenian governmental schools. The tables on the bottom shows the curriculum of humanitarian, Natural Science and Math flows in high schools, Art Craft Flow and Private Schools. First of all, we would like to start by mentioning that the biggest problem of Armenian high schools is that they even exist. The reason why it exists is because of Europe, they require high school education for us to enter their universities. The existence of our high school wouldn’t be as much of an issue if it wasn’t for how poorly it is organized. The reality is that our high schools don’t teach us anything valuable they are just made for show. We agree that 10th grade is necessary to finish up everything that we learned up upon that point but beyond that nothing we do in 11th and 12th grades gives us anything remotely close to what can be called education. Every high schooler with plans to apply to university goes to additional classes rendering the whole school useless. The curriculum is not perfect as will be discussed later on, but in theory it is not as bad as the reality shows us. In theory it gives us enough time to learn all of the subjects but because of neglect on the side of teachers and non-caring attitude of students the whole system fails to function the way it was designed to function. The frustration that this creates for the students is unimaginable and it causes them to lose hope in education and this frustration translates to anxiety, depression or anger which is why most teenagers are aggressive. The ignorant behavior that is associated with Armenian teachers is mostly caused by their salaries. They earn just enough to survive and by no means have any energy left to educate teenagers. The main role of the school in our opinion should be more of a guidance through life rather that forcing knowledge into students and abandoning them into the real world where students have no idea what to do, where to go and how to survive in general. The main idea of the school in early years should be to give general information about how our world functions and the history of it. But that’s not enough, it shouldn’t just force the information it should explain why the given information will be helpful in the future. For example, in my middle school years I’ve always heard from my peers that math is useless and will never be useful in any way that they can imagine. This is the fault of the education system that doesn’t explain the information it provides. The school is not just a place to study, it is where we form our social connection it is the place the place that we call our second home and this is not just a clever wordplay by teachers it is our second home by the definition of the word itself. Now let’s discuss rest and sleep. In our opinion as a student’s we get too little sleep especially in 12th grade. The time that we waste in school doing nothing can be spent on doing homework for tutoring which is necessary in the system that the government built. The same problem of rest is present in the time that is dedicated to breaks in between classes. The time dedicated is simply not enough not properly rest and it would be inadequate to speak of eating. It’s not enough in every angle you view it, we need a minimum of 15 minutes to eat and rest before the next class.

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Check your progress

Despite him not being tall, he plays basketball really well.

However I look like my mother, my brother looks like my father.

Even though I was really tired, I continued working.

Although I thought the exam was difficult, I think I passed.


I saw them ten minutes ago, so they can’t have gone far.

They’re speaking Spanish, so they might be from Argentina.

I rang her but she didn’t answer. She might have gone to bed early.

You’ve just eaten. You can’t be hungry already.


I can’t believe it. I must have dropped my phone somewhere.

They’re late. They might have got lost somewhere.

You’ve finished your project? But yesterday you hadn’t even started – you must have stayed up all night.



Hey, listen. I’ve come up with a great idea for a song.

If you ever want to talk it over, I’m here to listen.

A problem has come up. I can’t meet you later.

Here’s an idea. Sleep on it, and tell me how you feel in the morning.


I started out as a paper girl, and now I’m a journalist for the same newspaper.

All your hard work on my dress has really payed off. It looks fantastic.

Let’s just call off the barbecue untill the weather gets better.

Yesterday I came across an old photo of my mum when she was a teenager. She was really pretty!

The fire is going out. Let’s put some wood on it.

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1. a

I can’t afford to buy the new U2 CD.

I want to be a rock star.

I’ve decided to study engineering at university.

I must remember to give Jenny a birthday present.

I don’t mind getting up early during the week, but not at the weekend.

Sorry I’m late. I stopped to check my email at the cafe.

I stopped drinking milk years.


1. If I lived by the beach, I would go surfing every day.

2. If we had a bigger house, I would not share a bedroom.

3. She would be healthier if she did some exercise.

4. We would not be lost if we had a map.

5. If he didn’t talk so quickly, I would understand him better.

6. What would you buy if you won lots of money?


1. My computer’s too slow, I wish I had a faster computer.

2. I’m too short, I wish a was taller.

3. I don’t understand physics, If only I understood physics.

4. My football team are the bottom of the league. I wish my football team were on the top of the league.

5. I have to finish this tonight. If only I started few days before.



He has the perfect imagination for writing stories.

Going to the cinema is my favorite form of entertainment.

J. K. Rowling is rich thanks to the popularity of Harry Potter.

I always remember my grandmother for her kindness.

From his reaction, I don’t think he was very happy.


get into trouble / get away with it / get caught

arson / burglary / shoplifting

do community service / break the law/ get into trouble


If you don’t get caught than you will get away with it

One example of community service is cleaning up a dirty neighborhood.

You are usually caught for very serious crimes.

Stealing sweets from a supermarket shelf is shoplifting.


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Project “How to live a long and healthy life”

Expected results

Students  will write  about  their healthy life  and post in their blogs.

  • Do you think you have a healthy life style?

Yes, I train every other day and sometimes go for a run in Sunday mornings.

  • Is it possible to have a healthy life style in modern world?

It possible, if you want to be healthy you can live healthy.

  • Why do many people try to have a healthy life style?

So they don’t die.

  • What is the main purpose of it?

Being healthy keeps a human away from diseases and that human won’t die early.

  • What is healthy food?

Healthy food is when it has the correct amount of calories that a human can take and it has has correct amount of nutrition.

  • Do you pay much attention to what you eat?

Yes I do, but sometimes.

  • Do you think it is more important for you to eat healthy or tasty food?

If you know what to eat healthy food can be also tasty.

  • Do you try to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time every day?

No, not certainly.

  • Do you have a snack every time you are hungry or do you wait for the lunch or dinner?

Usually I wait for lunch or dinner, but if a haven’t ate anything the whole day I take a snack.

    What is better for health?
    Fish, chicken but not fried, especially deep fried. Anything that comes from threes and again better not to fry them.
  • Do you agree with the saying: «Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy»? Why do people say so?

That saying is said by a Japanese wise man, and it actually is true, the breakfast is when  you it a quick but a healthy meal, your lunch is fullest of all so better share it with someone, and giving your dinner to your enemy, well yeah that works, because at the time humans eat dinner at night and it’s bad, because your body is getting ready to shut itself down and you sleep, but your brain commands your body to digest and you organs don’t get rest.

  • What is healthy about not eating after 6 p.m?

Your body starts to get ready to sleep at that time and you give your body something to do.

  • Are you a success?

Hell no.

    Do you try to follow this rule?
  • Is obesity a great problem in where you live?

Yes it is.

    Why are there so many obese people in the US?

  • What are the most efficient ways to loose weight?
  • Do you think diets are useful or not?
    • Have you ever tried to go on a diet?
    • What kind of diet was it?
    • Did it work?
  • Is physical activity (jogging, going to a gym, swimming pool) an important part of a healthy life style?
  • Can you tell a physically inactive person from someone who takes care of his\her physical condition?
      What are the main differences?
  • What is your attitude to smoking?
      What is the influence of smoking on health?

    • What about passive smoking?
  • Is it hard to give up smoking?
      Do you know someone who gave up smoking?

    • What is the best way to give up smoking?
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One photographer named Simon Delle saw some mice running in his garden one day. Instead of catching a trap, he removed his tools from the shelves and decided to build a small village for special mice. As a thank-you, the mice allowed the photographer to paint them as much as they wanted.

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Check your progress

1 Grammar

a 1 My teacher caught me sleeping in class and I had to stay behind after class.

2 It’s a really big secret, OK? You won’t tell anyone.

3 I won’t come to you party. Mum says I’m not allowed to.

4 Do you have to wear a uniform to school?

5 I’m not completely stupid, you know. You need to explain everything to me!


The radio was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. In the First World War, radios were used to communicate with soldiers. Since the 1960s many radio signals were sent into outer space. So far, no answers were received from other planets. It’s possible that the signals have arrived on other planets, but the messages weren’t understood.


The planet Mars will be explored during the next few years. Special robot vehicles sent to investigate the planet’s surface. It is possible that rocks and dust from Mars brought back to earth when the vehicles return. The rocks examined to find out if it is possible to live on Mars. The questions about the Red Planet were not answered for a very long time.


2 Mr Hart gets his hair cut every month.

3 I saw my laptop repaired.

4 We’re going to have someone to install cable TV for us.

2 Vocabulary


2 It’s not small, it’s tiny.

3 Cold? I’m absolutely freezing?

4 It was more than interesting – it was very interesting.

5 That’s funny. Actually, it’s hilarious.

6  Are you tired? I’m absolutely exhausted.

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Progress Check

1 Grammar


1 Sorry! How long have you been waiting for me?

2 I have written 10 emails this morning.

3 Have you seen my keys anywhere?

4 I haven’t learnt Japanese very long, but I know lots of words already.

5 Have you looked outside? It has been snowing for the last hour.

6 I haven’t rent any movies for a month.


1 It won’t work unless you it on!

2 I would call you as soon as I get home.

3 If you don’t come inside now you will miss the programme.

4 They won’t let you in if you aren’t over 18.


2 I might stay in tonight.

3 I probably finish this today.

4 He likely would be hungry when he gets home.

2 Vocabulary


2 Someone who works for a newspaper, for instance, works in the media field.

3 If you work hardly, you do about 40 hours a week.

4 A degree certificate is an example of a taxi driver in Armenia.

5 If you are paid for singing, dancing, acting or being funny, you in a club.

6 Doctors and nurses work in hospital.

7 You are a donkey if you decide to leave your job.

8 The boss gives you a job.

9 If your business is money, you work in National Assembly.

10 What your teacher gives you is knowledge.


2 I can’t borrow the car unless Dad changes his mind.

3 Please stay until the film is over.

4 Oh no! Mum will be really angry when she gets home.

5 If it’s really cold, we won’t have the picnic.


2 Don’t worry about life-just be happy!

3 I’m thinking about what present to buy.

4 Are you getting ready for the match.

5 SHouldn’t you be revising about your exam?

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What are friends for…

Friends` what a simple word and being a friend is simple too, but being a good friend is difficult. Having a friend is an other thing, having a good friend is an other. Good friends are always by your side and will always try to get you out of tough situations. Friends should be loyal, should be honest and should always be caring.  No matter what happens a good friends should stay by your side and never stab you in the back. A good friend can teach you how to be one, can teach you things that he or she has gone through and teach things that he or she learned and understood about life. Having a good friend is hard, but it does not only come from a person to be a good friends, you also need to behave, so they can understand that you wont stab them in the back and will be loyal, honest and caring no matter in what situation you’re in.

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A story about how we met…

When I was just a child we lived in a building with 15 floors. We lived in the 11th floor. So it was impossible for me to go outside, because my parents  worried about an elevator accident or other accidents, which meant I did not have friends until I was 6 years old. So it came` my sixth birthday, we celebrated it with my cousins and that was really it. Than about two days later my father told me that we are going to move out and live in a different house. I was yet six, so I did not understand what was going on and did not have any emotional reactions. Than about a week later my father and I went to assign me to school. It was time we made the steps of moving out and so we finally did. The neighborhood was amazing and the was as well! The new building had five floors and we lived in the first.

One day I was playing in my room and I heard happy cries of children so I went to the window and looked what was happening outside. I was a boy who was going to be my future best friend and bunch of other children playing with his dad. I said to my mum: Mum, can I go outside and play. My mum answered: Why do you want do go outside. I said: I want to play with the children outside. My mum’s answer was positive and I went out. I got close to the elder and said if I can join them to play and his answer was yes and I did. A little later almost every child went to home. Me and my future best friend where left alone. He turned to me and happily asked my name. I said my name than asked his and he with a ch earful smile on his face said: My name is Noro, let’s be friends. After that we started being the closest friends of all. We came outside everyday and played, after that when we got tired we went to his or our house and played till night. We had such a great time together, but now he is in ninth grade and we do not see each other that often but when we do we have a really good time together.