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Going to Izmir…

Hello, my name is Arno. I was born on August 12, 2005. I’m learning in 《Mkhitar Sebastatsi》 Educomplex. I enjoy playing soccer and I’m really good at it. I havn’t attended to soccer classes. I got my soccer experience from playing in the streets with my friends. The favourite part of the school for me is the soccer pitch. I have a lot of good memories in there. Sometimes my classmates tell me spectacular things that I have done in that pitch that I don’t even remember. Going to Izmir’s space camp I’m expecting to learn things about space, austrounants, spaceships and anything else that N.A.S.A. has to offer.

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Why is it important to continue space exploration while countries are suffering starvation and disease?

Space is not discovered even a little, but that parts that are discovered are really beautiful and wonderful. Just knowing that we found out a little about this space is crazy. There is maybe even much beautiful places in space than we discovered. Space exploration started with small steps and got bigger as the time passed,​ first they sent cameras to see space, than animals to make sure it safe, than people started to go there and those people where called astronauts. The time passed and we discovered new planets and stars.  after all this discovering, they decided to call this pack of planets “Solar System”. Solar System is contained in a much bigger part of space which we tarted to call galaxy. Now astronauts and physiologists, doctors formed together as big family and starting exploring deep into space as N.A.S.A. . It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. People ask why they spend so much money to explore the space while there are people dying of hunger, dehydration and disease. I think that Space explorations are one of the good things and achievement of this world and people. they explain that there might be a planet like our Earth and there is not any problem with food, water or disease in that planet, and we can travel there with a spaceship and build a new habitat for living and start a kind of a new life. Sadly, to achieve something good you have to sometimes sacrifice a something or someone.